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 Plane Glass Optical Mirror

Plane Glass Optical Mirror

About Plane Glass Optical Mirror
1. Film Thickness

The reflective film of flat mirror is more than 50 nm thick and the protective film on back is 18-22 μm thick.

2. Optical Properties
According to the testing results of spectrophotometer and spectrograph, the plane mirror has a reflectivity more than 80% under light of 550 nm wavelength. It has higher reflectivity and definition in comparison to normal mirrors.

3. Chemical Stability
The flat mirror offered by Jimmy Glass has excellent resistance to corrosion and is bearable to 5% sodium chloride solution at 40 ℃ for 168 hours. Both protection film and reflective film don't change color or get corrupted.

Mirrors Available
1. Glass Thickness: 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm.
2. Size: 1830×1220mm, 1320×1120mm, 1245×1092mm, 1220×914mm, 1135×985mm.

Customization Service
For thickness and size beyond the above data, we provide professional tailor-made service. Please tell us your demanded size, thickness and any information you want us to know.

Applications of Plane Glass Optical Mirror
1. Daily use: bathroom mirrors, makeup mirrors
2. Decoration: interior design to create an illusion of depth
3. Optical instruments: periscopes
4. Toys: kaleidoscope
5. Processing makeup mirror in various geometric figures
6. Bathroom mirrors
7. Decorative screen printed glass mirrors.


Products on sale

Thickness Dimension Processing Application scope
0.7mm 622×1092mm Cutting diameter 70.2mm, edge cleaning BB cream box
1.1mm 622×1092mm Cutting diameter 70.6mm, Overprotective film BB cream box, makeup mirror
1.3mm 1220×914mm Cutting 48×96mm, Overprotective film Makeup box
1.5mm 1220×914mm Cutting diameter 68.3mm, edge cleaning makeup mirror box
1.8mm 1220×914mm Cutting diameter 168mm, film mulching Makeup mirror with light for hotel bathrooms
3mm 1830×1220mm Cutting 640×640mm, edging, screen printing Ornament mirror for the home, decorative lighting mirror
4mm 1830×1220mm Cutting 460×1120mm, cleaning Home dressing mirror
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