Glass Custom Service

For over two decades, Jimmy Glass has been dedicated to glass processing and mirror glass production. We manufacture various lens glasses, magnifying mirrors, makeup mirrors, ITO glass for LCDs and touchscreens, etc. Utilizing complete processing equipment and processing technology, we are able to finish various processes on the glass substrates including cutting, polishing, edging, bending, and more. By coating the glass surface with high quality films according to the desired characteristic sand optical performance, our glass products can realize high reflection effects, semi-reflective and semi-transparent effects, and transparent conducting effects. We also provide glass matting, glass etching and glass printing services to meet your special requirements.


Jimmy is a highly experienced glass processing service provider and coated glass manufacturer, capable of supplying diverse coating solutions to customers. Our factory covers an area of 80000 square meters. To meet client demands, we are equipped with a complete set of plane glass production lines, glass bending tempering lines, ITO coated conductive glass substrate lines, and other production lines made up of advanced equipment from Germany, Japan, France and other countries. Besides, we also configure the relevant instruments under an excellent quality management system to guarantee finished product quality.

About Us

Founded in 1992, Guangdong Jimmy Glass Technology Company Limited is a highly experienced manufacturer specializing in the production of glass and mirrors and a supplier providing glass processing services. Our primary products include applying film to glass substrate surfaces and then we offer complete glass processing services like cutting, edge grinding, bending, washing, film coating, etc. We provide customers with plane mirrors, curved mirrors, as well as all kinds of coating glasses and glass used for magnifying glasses, makeup mirrors, art glass, LCD monitors, transparent ITO glass for touch screens, rear view mirrors, and much more.