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    1. Electrical Conductive ITO Coated Glass
      Based on the glass product, we apply one or more layers of film onto the surface of the glass, which is done in a vacuum state, providing the glass with the characteristics of the film. ITO glass is glass coated with indium tin oxide conductive film applied in a vacuum. The finished product is uniform, dense and highly transparent. The thickness of the glass is between 0.44mm to 5mm.
    1. ITO Glass Car Rear View Optical Mirror
      The glass rear view mirror is our in-house produced product. It is a vacuum-electroplated and curved mirror. Electroplating can be conducted as per customer requirements. The surface of the rear view mirror is concave, with the radius of curvature ranging from 300R to 2000R. In addition, objects can be scaled up and down.
    1. Plane Glass Optical Mirror
      According to the testing results of spectrophotometer and spectrograph, the plane mirror has a reflectivity more than 80% under light of 550 nm wavelength. It has higher reflectivity and definition in comparison to normal mirrors. The flat mirror offered by Jimmy Glass has excellent resistance to corrosion and is bearable to 5% sodium chloride solution at 40 ℃ for 168 hours.
    1. Magnifying Glass Optical Mirror
      Magnification mirror offered by Jimmy Glass has a radius of curvature of 300R-2000R. The magnifying glass is most often used in rearview mirrors, makeup mirrors, bathroom mirrors, optical instruments, curved mirrors and just to name a few. For thickness and size beyond the above data, we provide professional tailor-made service.
    1. Screen Printed Glass Mirror
      Screen Printed Glass Mirrors Available
      1. Glass Thickness: 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 0.95mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm
      2. Size: 300×350mm, 355.6×406.4mm, 370×470mm, 400×500mm, 450×550mm, 500×600mm.
    1. Curved Glass Optical Mirror
      Customization Service
      For thickness and size beyond the above data, we provide professional tailor-made service. Please tell us your demanded size, thickness, magnification times and any information you want us to know.
    1. Makeup Mirror
      The computer-controlled cutting machines come from Japan and Taiwan. The thickness of the mirror ranges from 0.7mm to 2mm, and the error is kept within ±0.1mm. Our product is available in more than 30 different shapes, such as round, rectangular and special shapes, just to name a few.
    1. Eco-friendly Optical Mirror
      The lead free mirror is our in-house produced product. It is ultra-thin and free of heavy metals. The raw material for mirror production is superior-quality float glass, which comes from Germany, Japan, Belgium, Italy and China. This product has been specially treated for environmental protection. It has been certified by the third-party authority.
    1. Art Glass
      Art glass is a kind of colorized glass that has undergone sandblasting, emulsification, hot melting and patching, it is used for engineering decoration, outdoor decoration and home decoration, etc.
    1. Coating Service
      The coating is available with a choice of metal and nonmetal materials, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, titanium, chromium, zirconium, stainless steel, etc.
Our company, Jimmy glass, is offering the wide range of ITO glass products, ITO is abbreviated from indium tin oxide, ITO glass it is the Indium Tin Oxide coated glass, is used in many industrial areas such as making the glass to be a conductor, and composited with other glass with coated film used as electronic display, general applied on the rear view mirrors for show the distance from obstacles when car backing. With rich experience in glass coating and processing accumulated by manufacturing lots of various special coated glass, we can provide high quality ITO coated glass and composited optical film coated glass with custom cut service.

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