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Magnifying Glass Optical Mirror

Brief Introduction to Magnifying Glass Optical Mirror
Magnification mirror offered by Jimmy Glass has a radius of curvature of 300R-2000R. The magnifying glass is most often used in rearview mirrors, makeup mirrors, bathroom mirrors, optical instruments, curved mirrors and just to name a few.

Mirrors Available
1. Glass Thickness: 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2mm.
2. Size: Rectangular mirror: 370×240mm, Round mirror: Φ 260mm, Φ 240mm

Customization Service
For thickness and size beyond the above data, we provide professional tailor-made service. Please tell us your demanded size, thickness, magnification times and any information you want us to know.

①: Magnifying makeup mirror for bathroom use (with lights), can magnify 5 to 10 times
②: Component of 2X makeup mirror boxes
③: Truck curved mirrors, car rearview mirrors, etc.

Magnifying mirror on sale

Thickness Dimension Processing Application
1.1mm Diameter 68.3mm 2X Magnifying mirror makeup mirror
1.1mm Diameter 98mm 3X Magnifying mirror Home desktop makeup mirror
1.3mm 44×68mm 2X Magnifying mirror Makeup mirror
1.8mm Diameter 68.3mm 3X Magnifying mirror Makeup mirror box
1.8mm Diameter 168mm 5X Magnifying mirror film mulching Bathroom makeup mirror with light used in hotels
2mm Diameter 128mm 7X Magnifying mirror film mulching Desktop or wall lamp make-up mirror
2mm Diameter 106mm 10X Magnifying mirror magnifying mirror for hotel bathroom
2mm Diameter 128mm 7X rearview mirror rearview mirror in truck
2mm 102×168mm 10X rearview mirror Truck front ground mirror
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