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 Electrical Conductive ITO Coated Glass

Electrical Conductive ITO Coated Glass

Based on the glass product, we apply one or more layers of film onto the surface of the glass, which is done in a vacuum state, providing the glass with the characteristics of the film. ITO glass is glass coated with indium tin oxide conductive film applied in a vacuum. The finished product is uniform, dense and highly transparent. The thickness of the glass is between 0.44mm to 5mm.
Jimmy’s ITO electric glass is produced using advanced machinery, such as two Japanese glass edging production lines and a German fully-automatic vacuum sputtering coating line. And it is produced under a strict production procedure, including cutting and edging, sheet feeding, glass sheet inserting, double-side edging, cleaning, transfer, hanging glass, coating and detecting.
ITO electric glass is widely used in IN, STN, HTN types of LCD panels or touch-screen panel, and our output can reach 660 thousand pieces in one month.

Features of ITO electric glass
1. Electric optically transparent indium tin oxide conductive film

2. High VIS-NIR optically transmission
Base material - glass
CECxxxS: ITO-coated selected HQ float glass
CECxxxP: ITO-coated mechanically polished HQ float glass
CECxxxA: ITO-coated 1737 glass
CECxxxB: ITO-coated borosilicate glass
CECxxxE: ITO-coated EAGLE2000 glass
CECxxxQ: ITO-coated quartz glass (double side polished)
CECxxxT: ITO-coated thin glass

3. High quality glass substrate
Glass substrate brand in common use: NSG, AGC

4. Low microscopic roughness

Thickness/mm Glass substrate's micro waviness
Polish float glass float glass Ordinary float glass
1.10 £0. 05µm / 20mm £0. 10µm / 20mm £0. 15µm / 20mm
0.70 £0. 08µm / 20mm £0. 13µm / 20mm £0. 20µm / 20mm
0.55 £0 .10µm / 20mm £0. 18µm / 20mm £0. 25µm / 20mm
0.50 £0 .10µm / 20mm £0. 18µm / 20mm £0. 25µm / 20mm
0.40 £0. 20µm / 20mm £0.25µm / 20mm £0. 30µm / 20mm

5. The electric is good and surface resistance is uniformity

6. Light transmittance is good and uniformity

Model Sheet resistance(W/œ) Transmissivity (%) etching time /s thickness of the coat
150Ω ≦150 ≧87.0 ≦30 200ű50Å
125Ω ≦125 ≧87.0 ≦35 200ű50Å
100Ω ≦100 ≧87.0 ≦40 230ű50Å
80Ω ≦80 ≧86.0 ≦45 300ű50Å
60Ω ≦60 ≧85.0 ≦60 350ű50Å
50Ω ≦50 ≧84.0 ≦65 400ű50Å
40Ω ≦40 ≧82.0 ≦70 500ű100Å
30Ω ≦30 ≧80.0 ≦100 650ű100Å
20Ω ≦20 ≧80.0 ≦140 950ű100Å
15Ω ≦15 ≧85.0 ≦180 1350ű150Å
10Ω ≦10 ≧82.0 ≦240 1850ű200Å

7. Physical and chemical stability
1) Resistance to alkali
After soaking for 5 minutes at a temperature of 60±2℃ and a concentration of 10% in NaOH (Analytical reagent) solution, the sheet resistance value of the ITO conductive coating should not be greater than that of the original value of 110%.
2) Acid resistance
After immersing 2min in the 6% hydrochloric acid (Analytical reagent) solution at a temperature of 25±2℃, the sheet resistance value of the ITO conductive coating should not be greater than that of the original value of 110%.
3) Solvent resistance
After the immersion of 5min in acetone (Analytical reagent) or anhydrous ethanol (Analytical reagent) at a temperature of 25±2℃, the sheet resistance value of ITO conductive coating should not be greater than original resistance value of 110%.
4) Adhesion
Take a 100mm long tape to adhere tightly to the surface of the film, ensure there is no air in the paste surface, and 10s later, tear down the tape with the strength vertically and steadily, the film should not be damaged.
5) Wear resistance
After rubbing 1000 times on the friction test machine, the sheet resistance of the ITO electric film should not be greater than the original resistance value of 110%.

Product Parameters
1.The accuracy error is ±1mm for the dimension of the glass, verticality is controlled in 90°±1°, the resistance uniformity can be controlled in the range of 8%, and the sheet resistance can be adjusted from 5Ω to 500Ω.

Thickness /mm Permissible error /mm
0.40 ±0.05
0.50 ±0.05
0.55 ±0.05
0.70 ±0.05
1.10 ±0.10

2. Every single glass needs to be fully inspected, including waviness measurement and a visual examination.
3. After friction and the cold and hot testing, the product’s film should be firm and can perform with stability.

The application of ITO glass
·TP touch screen
·Rearview mirrors for intelligent automobiles
·128x64 dot matrix COG display
·High-definition touch screen
·Anti-glare rearview mirror for intelligent cars

ITO glass available:
1.The thickness of the glass we can coat: 0.25mm,0.33mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 0.95mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm.
2. Size: 300×350mm,355.6×406.4mm, 370×470mm, 400×500mm, 450×550mm, 500×600mm.
In addition to the parameters above, we can also provide other dimensions/thickness glass according to customer needs, such as thickness 0.8mm or 1.6mm, dimension 12095mm, diameter 168mm, diameter 95mm, etc.


Thickness Dimension Resistance Crafts Customer application
1.1mm 14"×16" 60-80 Ω TN Monochrome LCD Display for household appliances, toys, stationery, etc.
0.7mm 14"×16" 30-40 Ω STN polish coating Large color display screen for sports equipment and household appliances
0.7mm 400×500mm 80-120 Ω one side elimination, coating Capacitive touch screen for mobile phone and industrial control machine panels
0.55mm 370×470mm 20-30 Ω STN polish coating Dot matrix display, such as bank U shield, electronic paper, COG, COB, etc.
0.4mm 370×470mm 20-30 Ω STN polish coating Full screen display for 3D glasses and light valve glasses

Testing methods

Type Testing method/Tool Standard Result determination(A/R)
Length. Width Vernier caliper ±0.3mm MIN: -0.05mm A
MAX: +0.08mm
thickness Micrometer ±0.05mm MIN: -0.03mm A
MAX: +0.05mm
Verticality Perpendicularity gauge ≦0.10% OK A
Warpage Warpage profilometer ≦0.15% OK A
Waviness Profilometer ≦0.15µm/20mm OK A
Thickness of SIO2 film Profilometer 250ű50ŠMIN:258ŠA
Etch performance HCl(36%):H2O:HNO3(67%)=50:50:3 60℃±2℃ ≦40S 40S A
Resistance to alkali NaOH(10%),60℃±2℃,5mins R0/R≦110% 100% A
Acid fastness HCl(6%),25℃±2℃,2mins R0/R≦110% 103% A
Heat resistance 300℃±30℃ heating 30mins R0/R≦300% 184% A
Abrasion performance Friction test machine tests 1000 times R0/R≦110% 103% A
Adhesive property Tape Undamaged OK A
Thickness of ITO film Profilometer 230ű50ŠMIN:245ŠA
Transmittance Spectrophotometer ≧87% 88.4% A
Sheet resistance Four point probe 100Ω MIN:82Ω A
Appearance Visual


  • LCD Screen
  • Touch Screen
  • Cell Phone / MP3 Screen
  • Cell Phone / MP3 Screen
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