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Glass Coating

The glass coating process is performed in a vacuum environment. Cover single-layer or multiple-layer functional film on one surface or two surface of the glass. According to the different characteristics of glass and different function requirements, we are able to coat diverse types of film on glass, such as reflective film, semi-reflective film, transparent film, enhanced transparent film and etc.
Coat transparent film--coat transparent film--ITO glass (used in TN, STN, HTN types of LCD panel or touch-screen panel)
Coat reflective film + transparent film—environment-friendly car rearview mirror (mostly used in the automobile industry, beauty industry, and high-end hotel industry)
Coat reflective film—mirror (plane mirror, magnifying glass, screen printed glass mirror, curved glass optical mirror and makeup mirror)
There are many film materials available for customers for choose: Al, Ge, Si, SiO2, Ni2O5, ITO, Ag, Cu, stainless steel and so forth.

After 20+ years of evolvement, Jimmy Glass owns sophisticated techniques and powerful development capacity. We purchased automatic processing machines from reliable domestic and foreign manufacturers in order for high production efficiency and great final quality. Our film coating service finds an application in the production of cosmetic mirror, reflective mirror, crafted glass, LCD, touchscreen and specialty glass products.

Advantages of Coated Glass
The hydrophilic nature of the coating lets rainwater form bigger rain droplets that flow away quickly. The smooth surface ensures rainwater can easily carry away dust and dirt on the glass. Such a "self-cleaning" capacity leads to anti-streaking property of the glass.

1. Clear Visibility
The dust and dirt repellent layer prevents the glass from dust and stains, allowing for a clear view.

2. Nature-Assisted Cleaning
Water droplets spread out to form a 'water sheet'. Dirt particles are easily taken away by water.

3. UV Resistance
Ceramic insulation coating reflects ultraviolet and infrared lights into the air and dissipates heat to the atmosphere instantaneously, giving you a cool working environment under hot sun.

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