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Jimmy is a dependable manufacturer of film coated glass products. We offer different kinds of films such as transparent film, reflective film and semi-transparent film, these film coated glass are applicable for industrial fields and photoelectric lighting. Relying on our glass machining power, we can customize products based on your specific applications.

ITO Film for electronic peripheral products

ITO glass is a kind of universal material for TN (Twisted Nematic), STN (Super Twisted Nematic), HTN (High Twisted Nematic) types of LCD panels and touch screen panel. Maybe you are worried about the glass surface quality, adhesive force of the film layer, uniformity, edge breakage and other problems. Rest assured, as we have been dedicated to the production of ITO glass for 12 years. And we possess an outstanding management system and excellent production capabilities from glass raw materials to glass processing.

ITO Film for auto industry

Jimmy Glass is engaged in coating functional film on glass substrate surface. Our products are suitable to various auto applications, like the sun visor mirror of the car. This kinds of mirror requires high reflectivity, and should be free from defects like spots and pinholes, plus explosion-proof film on its back. ITO conductive glass is also needed to manufacture LCD or touch screen for auto instrument panel. And reinforced ultra-thin glass is applied in auto covers.

ITO FILM for beauty industry

Jimmy Glass, a specialized coated-glass manufacturer, owns a complete set of processing crafts, including cutting, edge grinding, hot bending, washing, screen printing, surface treatment and so on. We are capable to offer plane mirror, screen printed mirror, make-up mirror and other mirrors to clients. And our products are also intensively applied in beauty industry. Plane mirrors are used by make-up production and packaging enterprises to the manufacturing of make-up mirrors, BB frost, eye shadow, blusher and make-up box, requiring thin mirrors with high reflectivity and smooth surface. Surface treatment like frosted film protection, screen printing or laser engraving are also performed to manufacture art make-up mirror.

ITO FILM for daily supplies

In our daily life, mirrors and coated glass is found everywhere, including the following types:
Plane mirrors: magnifying glass or plane glass can be used for make-up mirror in hotel bathrooms. And the edge need to be sandblasted, equipping light and touch switch.

Magnifying glass: make-up mirror box requires magnifying and plane glass with screen printing or laser LOGO and other treatments.

ITO electrical conductive glass: it can be applied as LCD and touch screen, for instance, new-type electric meter, calculator, industrial control touch screen (IPC), treadmill and other items with a display function.

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