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 Art Glass

Art Glass

Art glass is a kind of colorized glass that has undergone sandblasting, emulsification, hot melting and patching, it is used for engineering decoration, outdoor decoration and home decoration, etc.

The arts glass series we produce include: the royal golden platinum and silver platinum glass series, color glazed glass series, various nonferrous metal glass, double-layered glass, color screen-printed glass, glass gifts for festivals, etc.

We can complete a wide range of glass processing, including special-shape cutting, edging, chamfering, screen printing, laser marking, sand blasting, etching, etc.

Process introduction
The glass slump mold is made from sand or alumina silica fiber paper and board. The sand mold is the more commonly used method. The sand layer is laid about 1.5cm thick in the mold, then according to the design, we use a bamboo bar to draw the detail, creating a negative mold. After that, we spread mold powder onto the design and put the flat glass on the negative mold. When the glass is heated beyond the softening point, it sinks into the detailed markings of the sand mold.


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