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Glass Edging

According to the drawings provided by clients or their detailed sample requirements, our design department will analyze and discuss options before beginning the glass project.

We will perform corner grinding on glass and glass products to reduce stress in order to make the products stronger and safer during production, transportation, and use.

Glass Edging Process:
We have two Japanese glass edging production lines that perform the first steps of the cutting and edging of our raw glass pieces. They can process glass with thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 4.0mm.

Our factory is also equipped with a fully-automatic double edging machine which can process double edged glass with thickness of 0.33mm with an edging accuracy within±0.02mm.

Glass edging service offered by Jimmy Glass is widely used in many places, such as glass table tops, dining tables, sliding doors, partitions, interior design applications, glass panels, cabinets, closets, shop display, glass frames and other furniture.

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