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Glass Fabrication

We offer various glass fabrication services such as sandblasting and etching according to customer requests and design schematics. The auxiliary processes are operations in which Jimmy Glass has years of experience with. We employ highly dedicated and skilled workers to ensure our glass products are fabricated according to high quality standards.

Glass Fabrication:
Besides the experienced worker on the procedure of glass fabrication, we also have a STN glass polishing production line, which includes a 30 STN glass polishing machine, ensuring the sustainability of our production capacity. The waviness of the surface of the glass meets all of the requirements of STN.

About Sandblasting
Sandblasting is one of the most suitable processes to produce designer glasses. High pressure abrasives are blasted on the glass for etching the surface and creating a frosted look. This procedure assures the glass a translucent surface. When sandblasting, by applying different degrees of coarseness in sand, users finally get greater glass variation. A rich textured appearance can also be realized by depth blasting.

Glass etching
By etching the front side of the glass or mirror, the surface appears translucent, white and frosted; un-etched glass appears mirror-smooth and clear by comparison. Another option with mirrors is to etch the backing side of the mirror to combine properties of both glass and mirror on a single piece. Some customers paint the areas where the mirror backing was removed to add splashes of color to these unique decorative pieces. With the assistance of our glass etching service, any type of glass surface, from sliding door to shop display, can be customized by using a technique called abrasive etching.

A wide application of our fine finishing service is found in dividers, doors, shower surrounds, partitions glass, panels, interior design applications, furniture, mirrors, display boxes, racks, banners, table tops, interior screens, signage and etc.

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