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Glass Manufacturing Equipment

Jimmy is a glass product manufacturer that has special capabilities like applying functional film onto the surface of glass substrate. Through different glass processing treatments, we can provide customers with lens glass, magnifying reflectors, makeup mirrors, and transparent ITO glass for LCDs and touchscreens. Our production lines include a plane mirror production line, hot bending glass production line, ITO electrical conductive glass line, etc.

ITO Coated Conductive Glass Substrate Line

ITO coated conductive glass is manufactured using raw glass that undergoes cutting, edge grinding, washing, coating film and other processes. This line realizes a capacity of 660000 per month. The ITO coated conductive glass substrate line is divided into the following four processes:

1. Raw material cutting and edge grinding
Jimmy has two Japanese Bando cutting and edging production lines with a cutting thickness range of 0.2mm-0.4mm and a cutting accuracy of ±0.05mm. This ensures the accuracy of our products. The fully-automatic double edging machine process both edges of the glass. The minimum edging thickness is 0.33mm and the accuracy reaches ±0.02mm.

  • Full view
  • Glass cutting
  • Glass classification
  • Double-side glass grinding machine
  • Fully-automatic rotating device

2. Washing
During the processes from edge grinding to coating film, the glass needs to be washed. This aims to ensure the glass surface is free of impurities, resulting in a finished product with a smooth and clean surface.

  • Edge washing
  • Spray washing

3. Film coating

  • Germany fully-automatic vacuum sputtering coating line
  • Fully-automatic monitoring
  • Film thickness inspection

4. STN glass polishing
Jimmy has 30 sets of automatic STN glass polishing machines. They can handle glasses of 0.2mm-4.0mm in thickness.

  • Polishing workshop
  • Glass polishing machine
  • Polishing and grinding

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