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Jimmy is a highly experienced glass processing service provider and coated glass manufacturer, capable of supplying diverse coating solutions to customers. Our factory covers an area of 80000 square meters. To meet client demands, we are equipped with a complete set of plane glass production lines, glass bending tempering lines, ITO coated conductive glass substrate lines, and other production lines made up of advanced equipment from Germany, Japan, France and other countries. Besides, we also configure the relevant instruments under an excellent quality management system to guarantee finished product quality.

  • Company Photo Gallery

    Established in 1992, Jimmy has more than 20 years of experience in glass processing, especially when it comes to different processing techniques for glass substrates like cutting, edging, hot bending, film coating, washing, fine processing and much more. Compared to other glass processing plants, we have the capabilities to coat diverse kinds of film onto glass surface like reflective film, semi-reflective film, transparent film, enhanced transparent film, etc.

  • Glass Manufacturing Equipment

    Jimmy is a glass product manufacturer that has special capabilities like applying functional film onto the surface of glass substrate. Through different glass processing treatments, we can provide customers with lens glass, magnifying reflectors, makeup mirrors, and transparent ITO glass for LCDs and touchscreens. Our production lines include a plane mirror production line, hot bending glass production line, ITO electrical conductive glass line, etc.

  • Glass Inspection Equipment

    Visual Inspection
    After cutting and edge grinding, we carry out appearance inspection on glasses. Exam items include bubbles, size, surface scratches, pits, etc. Unqualified materials will not be sent to the next process.
    Inspector is examining glass under 50W lamps. Any tiny defect will be clearly seen.

  • Storage and Delivery

    Orderly-arranged, ready-to-ship finished product warehouse
    Showing how to pack a plane mirror into a box
    Appropriate buffering and shock absorption can ensure the goods are not damaged in transportation.

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