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Glass Bending

In addition to three previous types of glass processing service, Jimmy Glass also provides hot bending processing. In comparison to flat surface glass products, glass walls and furniture with a curved surface have an exclusive and innovative look. While manufacturing, glass is heated and bent under high temperature into a certain demanded shape and then will be cooled. All processing steps are done under computer control, with ultra-high accuracy.

The entire hot bending process is performed by reliable quality equipment and highly-skilled employees, thereby ensuring satisfying and durable results. We offer custom bending glass, depending on your specifications. All bended glasses can be cut and finished afterwards, according to project needs.

Glass Bending Process
We have a glass bending tempering line equipped with fully-automatic glass bending tempering furnaces, and it is used to produce magnifying mirrors or rearview mirrors of all kinds of curvatures from 1.1mm to 1.8mm. Every tempered mirror has its curvature inspected to ensure quality.
We have all kinds of curvature bending tempering molds, meeting the needs of customers.

More Information
Our glass bending technique is most often used for the spherical bending and forming of make-up mirror, magnifying mirror, decorative mirror, rearview mirror, touchscreen and display screen.

We promise to provide precise temperature control, sophisticated techniques and accurate bending.

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