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Glass Inspection Equipment

Our production is in full compliance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standards and we have passed the strictly-conducted RoHS test report. We maintain control over production to ensure the stability of product quality, minimizing quality risk for customers. Furthermore, we perform a series of performance inspection in every process of glass processing, for example, appearance inspection, film thickness inspection, optical property inspection, surface waviness inspection, etc.

  • Appearance inspection of raw glass materials
  • Tokoyo precision meter tests the waviness of the glass
  • Friction machine for testing the adhesive force of the glass film
  • High magnification CCD electron microscope is applied for testing surface defects
  • High temperature oven is for high temperature resistance test
  • Accretech step profiler is to test the film thickness
  • Full-wave optical property tester tests the glass for transmittance and reflectivity
  • Salt bath test is for figuring out glass resistance to acid and base
  • Paint adhesion test for testing the adhesive force of the glass protection layer

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