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Glass Cutting
Glass Cutting

Jimmy utilizes 19 sets of cutters to satisfy the production needs with different processing techniques. With a maximum cutting size of 1830*1220mm and a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, they can handle glass with thicknesses of 0.18mm-4mm.

The followings are the cutter types and the corresponding parameters.
Cutter model Max. cutting size Cutting thickness range Cutting accuracy
BANDO cutting machine 1465*1135mm 0.18mm-4mm 0.1mm
YINRUI cutting machine 1245*1092mm 0.3mm-4mm 0.1mm
APOLI cutting machine 1830*1220mm 1.1mm-4mm 0.2mm
APOLI CNC cutting machine 914*610mm 0.7mm-2mm 0.2mm
Korean CNC cutting machine 1245*1092mm 0.55mm-2mm 0.1mm

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