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Glass Washing

The smoothness of a mirror depends on the previous washing process of the glass. We will conduct deep washing before vacuum coating to ensure that the to-be-coated surface is clean and free of impurities.

Typically, different washing methods are applied in different processing processes, like:

Washing before coating film: plate washing machine is used for deep washing of the glass raw materials and cut glass before vacuum coating. DI water is used for the means of heating and washing.

Washing after coating: using the plate washing machine to wash the coated glass surface ensures that the glass is packed without dust, impurities and air contaminants adhering to its surface.

Washing after polishing: ultrasonic washing machine and plate washing machine are adopted. After the glass is polished and leveled, remove the residual polishing agent through ultrasonic washer. Then use the plate washer for cleaning.

Washing before bending: apply plate washer and secondary filtered water.

Washing after bending and before coating: adaptive radian washing machine and DI water are used.

Glass washing after cutting and edging: adopt plate washer and secondary filtered water to guarantee that the delivered glass are clean, free of contaminants, impurities and handprints.

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