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Jimmy is a trusted supplier of glass products. Besides basic machining processes including cutting, edging, hot bending and washing, we are also capable of applying functional films onto glass substrate surfaces. Taking glass as the substrate, we can coat single layer or several layers of functional films on one surface or both surfaces of the glass under vacuum condition. This gives the glass workpiece unique textures and appearances.

Jimmy provides high-efficiency coating services for industrial, commercial and photoelectric applications. Through the improvements of glass characteristics and optical properties and coating quality film on glass surface, the glass is enhanced through high reflection, half-transparent and half-reflective, transparent and conductive effects. 90% of the production requirements of glass are unique. So if you need special transmission, size, edge and polishing, or higher washing standards, then turn to Abrisa Technologies for producing your glass assembly.

Glass substrate - Float glass

We usually adopt float glass as the substrate.

1. Features fine flatness and high transparency.
2. Of natural lighting, the light can naturally flows into the room.
3. Its maximum size and thickness can fully meet clients’ requirements.


1. Reflective film
2. Transparent coating
3.Semi-transparent coating

ITO electrical conductive glass

ITO coated glass is coated with indium tin oxide film, belonging to TCO electrical conductive glass and featuring low sheet resistance and high transmittance. ITO coated glass substrate is intensively applied to organic/inorganic heterojunction solar cells for its transparency and high conductivity.

ITO film is coated on the glass by magnetron sputtering at about 300℃ under perfect vacuum condition. With one-sided coating, the coated surface is conductive and the other surface is insulated. A SiO2 passivation layer exists between ITO layer and borosilicate glass, with a standard thickness of 25nm. The passivation layer is essential to improve the quality and life span of ITO coated glass. Thus float glass is a substrate for single-sided finished products.

ITO coated glass is mainly cut by square and rectangular laser, with optional customized circular one. We can also customize the size and specification of the product based on customer requirements. Indium tin oxide (ITO) can be coated on polished or unpolished float glass and OLED soda lime substrate. ITO coated quartz and corning glass substrate are provided. In some cases, double-side coated glass slide can also be produced. It is mainly used in research laboratories, educational institutions and industries. Among the research, it is widely used to manufacture dye-sensitized solar cell or organic cell, as well as applicable to ITO touch screen. Jimmy also provides economic and efficient solutions to numerous applications according to batch demands.

Features of ITO electrical conductive coating
1) Outstanding temperature and environmental stability
2) Ultra-low resistivity
3) High transmission
4) ITO electrical conductive coating can be treated at high temperature or low temperature.

We carefully pack the ITO slide with a special protection bag to make sure that the glass is clean and free of any damage. And some clients tend to clean the glass before using it. As for this, we recommend to use the high-quality lint-free cotton impregnated with isopropanol solvent. Clients are warned not to wipe the coating with alkali. Dilute sodium hydroxide solution is usually applied for patterned ITO. And any kind of acid will do irreversible harm to the ITO coating on the glass surface.

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