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Jimmy is able to provide our valued customers with complete glass processing services, including glass cutting, glass edging, glass bending, glass washing, glass bending and secondary glass processing. We are committed to providing ITO glass, plane mirror, magnifying mirror, art glass, automobile rearview mirror and other coated glass products.

  • Glass Cutting

    Jimmy utilizes 19 sets of cutters to satisfy the production needs with different processing techniques. With a maximum cutting size of 1830*1220mm and a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, they can handle glass with thicknesses of 0.18mm-4mm.

  • Glass Edging

    Our scratch-free glass edging service offer finishing touches that meet all of your glass manufacture requirements. We are able to do corner grinding for glass and glass products depending on the design drawing for the purpose of reducing stress and avoiding breakage during manufacture, transport and usage.

  • Glass Bending

    In addition to three previous types of glass processing service, Jimmy Glass also provides hot bending processing. In comparison to flat surface glass products, glass walls and furniture with a curved surface have an exclusive and innovative look. While manufacturing, glass is heated and bent under high temperature into a certain demanded shape and then will be cooled. All processing steps are done under computer control, with ultra-high accuracy.

  • Glass Washing

    Typically, different washing methods are applied in different processing processes, like:
    Washing before coating film: plate washing machine is used for deep washing of the glass raw materials and cut glass before vacuum coating. DI water is used for the means of heating and washing.

    Washing after coating: using the plate washing machine to wash the coated glass surface ensures that the glass is packed without dust, impurities and air contaminants adhering to its surface.

  • Glass Coating

    The glass coating process is performed in a vacuum environment. Cover single-layer or multiple-layer functional film on one surface or two surface of the glass. According to the different characteristics of glass and different function requirements, we are able to coat diverse types of film on glass, such as reflective film, semi-reflective film, transparent film, enhanced transparent film and etc. There are many film materials available for customers for choose: Al, Ge, Si, SiO2, Ni2O5, ITO, Ag, Cu, stainless steel and so forth.

  • Glass Fabrication

    We offer different glass fabrication services in accordance with customer's request or design drawing, like sandblasting and etching, to perfect the glass products. Jimmy Glass has 20+ years' experience in glass manufacture and promises all finished products are of optimal quality.

    About Sandblasting
    Sandblasting is one of the most suitable processes to produce designer glasses. High pressure abrasives are blasted on the glass for etching the surface and creating a frosted look. This procedure assures the glass a translucent surface. When sandblasting, by applying different degrees of coarseness in sand, users finally get greater glass variation. A rich textured appearance can also be realized by depth blasting.

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