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Jimmy specializes in coating films on glass substrate surfaces, offering lens glass, magnifying reflectors, make-up mirrors, and transparent electrical conductive glass for LCD and touch screens. We improve the characteristics and optical properties of the glass and coat quality film on the surface to make the glass of high reflective effect, semi-transmission and semi-reflection effect, transparent and conductive effect, etc. The main glass processing technologies include glass polishing, sputtering coating, film protection, deep processing and others. Our processed glass products are widely used in the cosmetic packaging industry, LCD industry, touch screen manufacturing industry and so on.

Why choose us?

1. 26 years of industry experience
Jimmy has been occupied in the vacuum glass coating industry for 26 years. With rich experience in vacuum coating glass technology, we have a professional and mature team to provide service covering the development, design, manufacturing and maintenance of the products. Jimmy can fully meet clients’ requirements and cater to market demands.

2. Complete equipment
Our factory is equipped with complete automatic production lines for vacuum coating. The factory is outfitted with products like the Germany Leybold vacuum sputtering production line, Japan Bando cutting and edging production line, HKD plane washing and ultrasonic washing production line, Korea TNT multi-cutter CNC cutting machine, etc. Thus we can perform laser engraved LOGO, screen printed pattern, sand blasting effect, etching effect and other fine processing operations, making glass appear multidirectional, multi-color, characteristic and personalized.

3. Strict and perfect quality control
As for the production, we strictly follow ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards. And we have passed ISO14000 environmental quality verification to create an eco-friendly environment for glass production. In addition, we take meticulous execution and management from supplier control, incoming material tracking, production link quality control, shipment verification to product after-sales, etc. This allows us to provide clients with high-quality and satisfactory products.

Display of produced products
  • Light valve glasses
  • Mobile phone display screen
  • LCD intelligent glare-proof mirror
  • Touch screen
  • Screen printed mirror
  • Auto rearview mirror
  • Make-up mirror
  • Colored glass

Guangdong Jimmy Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

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